The key message is diversification💰. The global economy as whole is always growing, to take advange of this we need to diversify our portfolio by investing in various fields and also different economies of the world.  When the US can be in recession, China can be bullish for example. In this way we minimize our risk with exposure to different types of market around the world. 

There are two main way of investing, long and short term (trading). The first one consist mainly investing in index funds (such as the SP500) or gold, and the latter with higher risk operation. It is recommend to use only about 10% of the portfolio for volatile investing such as spread betting💱 and crypto🪙.

There are two basic operations: BUY📈, if you expect the price go up, and SELL📉 viceversa, which are commonly referred as to go Long and to go Short

Through leverage you can profit many times the amount you invest, but you also proportionally risk to lose much more.💸💸💸💸

📊Many indicators can help to decide whether is the righ moment so buy or sell. The most used are RSI and moving average. Support and Resistance lines are also very important. Reading news regarding the asset you are interest is crucial to understand the sentiment of the market.

Please note that each country provides specific taxing rules you may pay on your investments generated profits. For example in UK spread betting is considered gambling and so the profit ar tax free, in Switzerland there are no taxes in capital gains and so on.